• Los generadores lineales que se usan para generar energía de las olas yo los uso en tierra usando balancines de extracción de petróleo para generar energía libre con estos generadores lineales. The linear generators that are used to generate wave power and I use them on land using oil extraction rockers to generate free power with these linear generators.


I work Electric power plants electric cycle Ucròs do not USE the sun, wind, non-combustible Superior and cheaper fossils by armed Kw That the systems mentioned before IDEAL FOR house, farm or business also in boats, cars and electric planes That requires A source of Renewable Energy Like mine. He sent the links to see them and the buyer is the one who finances the assembly and sent his machine.

Using these double rockers, placing generators of 50 Kw, 100 Kw, 200 Kw without using the force of the wind, otherwise the strength of the counterweights calculates their weight according to the generator to use this machine, begins to work with an engine of external start for a few seconds to the reduction motor to weigh the UCROS electric cycle.

The simplest system that I have is not mechanical, there is no friction, no noise is completely compact, only at a scale of 5 Kw 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz

Numerous inventors of the modern era have ridiculed the current energy model of oil by showing that we can live without oil by obtaining all the energy we need from other sources that hide us as water, air or magnets. Unfortunately, most of these inventors have innocently made the same mistakes over and over again by killing their bones in jail or underground.

Some of the mistakes made by the inventors were the following:

Patenting the revolutionary invention and claiming to own rights-> error
Offer the invention to a company that finances it -> error
Appear on television and press proclaiming his invention -> error
Try to convince a politician of his revolutionary invention -> error
Donate the invention to a State or Government for the common good -> error
Jealously guard their knowledge, documents and plans of their inventions for themselves and take them to the grave when they are killed-> THE GREATEST ERROR
We hope that these points will serve as a reflection for current and future inventors who wake up to reality, be smarter and not fall into the same death trap.
“When you have a revolutionary invention, before looking at who benefits, remain attentive to the power that has the one who harms”